Visual Design for SEEE

The SEEE website provides a portal by which students, universities, and employers of systems engineers can meet to review, compare and match the systems engineering competencies that are important to them. Through this transparent communication, best matches can be found and the discipline of systems engineering can evolve to meet the emerging needs of the systems communities.

Our team constructed a visual mind map to see what type of data visualizations we could mockup. We categorized them then made a list of possible combinations.

Visual Mind Map

Our team’s opportunity statement we began prototyping for was: How might we allow SEEE Portal users to understand competency data, individually and in relation to another’s profile, at a glance?

Radial Data Display Options

We sent out a survey of different types of charts and recorded the accuracy of responses. This helped us decide on what visualizations to move forward with.

Data Display Survey Results

After refinements and stakeholder discussions, we landed on this radial display and color scheme. Each color represents one major group, while each bar represents a subgroup. The radial lines represent what level the bars are.

Final Radial Data Display