Physical Simulation:
Projects include Interactive Simulation of Deformable Objects such as water, gas, soft tissue, etc., Depth and Thermal Fusion for Security and Authentication, and Gait Signature and Analysis for Security.

Medical Applications: 
Projects include Non-Contact Breathing for sleep apnea (currently funded by NSF for 4 years), Non-contact Breathing analysis for Cardiology and ICU, Retinal Imaging, and Post-Stroke Rehabilitation.

4D Scanning & Printing: 
Projects include accurate scanning of 3D static structure and 4D deforming soft structure.

Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality: 
Projects include VR for immersive storytelling, post-stroke rehab, mild Traumatic Brian Injuries (mTBI) analysis, and resilience for nurses.

Data Science: 
Projects include biomedical research relying  on the generation, analysis and interpretation of large data sets.

Applied Transdisciplinary Design:
Projects include the combinations of new technologies and design research to promote an understanding of the cultural impact and use of digital technology to solve human, social and business problems.



  • Robotics capstone project on robot navigation and obstacle avoidance

  • VR capstone project on hand gesture prototyping


  • Non-Contact Breathing Behavior Analysis through CO2 visualization

  • VR insole: Post Stroke Rehabilitation

  • VR based diagnosis for mTBI