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Let’s Collaborate

CU Denver’s CMTC utilizes its expertise and a vast network to identify productive partnerships to address needs that serve our collective good while cultivating the student talent found in Denver, the greater Colorado community, and beyond, all to fill the most critical gaps in research, education, training, and development. Contact us today! (link to contacts)

Enterprise Partners: 

  • Rocky Mountain Mechanical Contractors Association (RMMCA) 
  • Comcast Company 
  • Lockheed Martin Company 
  • Air Force Research Library (AFRL)  
  • nTopology 

CU Denver Campus Partners 

Academic Partners: 

College of Arts & Media: 

  • Film and Television 
  • Visual Arts

College of Engineering, Computing, and Design: 

  • Computer Science Electrical Engineering 
  • Mechanical Engineering 
  • Construction Engineering and Management 

College of Architecture and Planning 

College of Liberal Arts and Sciences 

Business School 

Learning & Innovation Centers: 

  • Inworks 
  • Bioengineering Center for Disability and Aging (BCDA) 
  • Bio-Engineering, Bio-Design Innovation 
  • National Mental Health Innovation Center
  • LynxConnect 

Engagement Opportunities

For Denver, the greater Colorado Community, and Beyond

Denver, the greater Colorado community, and beyond is acutely aware of the long-term threats facing economic growth and societal well-being. It views the creation of technology and design innovations as critical to achieving viable and sustainable solutions to these challenges.  

At CU Denver’s CMTC we specialize in providing all the tools necessary to find success.  Whether it be strategic, programmatic or more practical support is needed, corporate, civic, and education leaders can reimagine how to train for and sustain the vitality of their organization, business, or industry. 

Some of the questions that are pursued

How do we shape the future from in our community and beyond? 

How do we harness new ideas and technologies that will drive our 21st Century economy? 

How do we use creativity and technology to design for and promote a vibrant quality of life? 

Our success in the next century will be defined by the power of the discovery economy, which means our most precious resource begins with sustaining the creative power of our people by providing the tools, skills, and knowledge to turn great ideas into new realities. 

For CU Denver Students

We are actively seeking ambitious CU Denver students who are passionate about making a difference, consider themselves to be future shapers, and looking to leverage skills learned in their respective curriculums.  Our project-based and experiential learning opportunities bring together students from all majors to collaborate and tackle real-world challenges.  We offer pathways for all students at CU Denver, whether you are pursuing a bachelor’s, master’s, or Ph.D. If you are looking to learn skills that can be used to amplify impact in a field of study, cultivate a career, and make a positive impact in the community and beyond, this is the place for you.  Possible ways to connect:

Possible ways to connect for students:

Employment, Apprenticeships, Design Innovation (DI) Team Membership:  We hire talented individuals for our Design Innovation (DI) team to advance projects using an interdisciplinary approach. 

Student Business Incubation: Students are challenged to use DI methodologies, hone their business-related skills, and develop their entrepreneurial and intrapreneurial passions. 

Undergraduate Research and Creative Activities:  Students interested in a specific inquiry or investigation that apply DI methods to make an original intellectual or creative contribution can apply for support through the Center. 

Student Organization Community Outreach:  Students work with mentors to apply design-thinking methods to an external program that has a direct positive impact on our society. Support is available for students interested in social innovation ventures, K-12 outreach, and other professional development opportunities.

For CU Denver Faculty 

As a transdisciplinary center for innovation, CU Denver’s CMTC fosters an environment in which faculty and intuitional professionals can activate education, research, entrepreneurial ventures, and build powerful partnerships. We invite you to join us in a space where, through high autonomy, faculty can develop and pilot promising and innovative ideas. Possible ways to connect:  

Possible ways to connect for faculty: 

Community connection: Collaborative with enterprise partners and students in sponsored projects aimed at finding solutions to real-world problems in the Denver, the greater Colorado community, and beyond. 

Collaboration opportunities:  Our interdisciplinary environment creates exciting space for collaboration and produces a breadth of theoretical and applied research opportunities not typically found on campus. 

Explore learning in a scholarly venue: Utilize the Center as a collaborative space to produce innovative workshops and learning modules. 

Engage your students: Host student apprenticeships and academic-related workshops or activities in our state-of-the-art innovation suite.  

Supercharge your startup: Enhance entrepreneurial opportunities through incubation and acceleration methods. 

Pursue your professional aspirations: Find an array of opportunities to cooperate on grant applications, business proposals, and creative projects.