Research Objectives

  • Inspire innovation and contribute to society through research and development 

  • Advance state-of-the-art methodologies and technology

  • Create, refine and utilize transdisciplinary research practices

  • Bridge fundamental research with practical applications in society to solve real world problems 

  • Incubate technological advances into commercial and industrial success


     Educational Objectives

  • Create future-focused curricula that utilizes results oriented education that fosters transdisciplinary collaboration, creativity and innovative approaches to real world problems in various fields 

  • Develop pedagogy for early student engagement in R&D environments

  • Establish new standards for transdisciplinary educational practice 

  • Create research, creative and educational pipelines that accelerate entrepreneurialism through camaraderie,  collaboration, and mentoring within and outside of the traditional university structure 

  • Obtain and retain world-renowned faculty to teach courses  and mentor undergraduate and graduate students


     Service Objectives

  • Engage diverse community groups and to offer center expertise to society and industry professionals

  • Offer training in Design Thinking, ideation pipelines, design methodology and creative problem solving techniques 

  • Engage center members in civic activities that enrich learning and advance the well-being of society