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A virtual game that encourages users to discuss contentious topics while facilitating a sense of security necessary to promote healthy communication and education. The central inquiry: How might we create a fun game that encourages an individual to empathetically communicate with others who have different beliefs and develop new perspectives on divisive topics while fostering […]
A trio of CU Denver’s CMTC Design Innovation (DI) Team members are participating in this year’s EUReCA! research program, progress in their work. With the fantastic support of Professor Kris Wood and Faculty Mentor Aria Collopy, these innovators are engaged in valuable research aimed at making an impact in their field of study.  Here is […]
Along with Inworks, CMTC has been selected to design, implement, and execute a totally virtual experience for CU Denver | Anschutz’s campus-wide strategic planning initiative, Our Vision for 2030.  Professor Kris Wood and Inworks Lauren Herbert will lead a project team who will collaborate with Chancellor’s office, Strategic Planning Steering Committee, across both downtown and […]
CU Denver | Anschutz’s CMTC Design Innovation (DI) Team is working to create a collaborative online professional ecosystem in which Systems Engineering Educators can interact with employer partners, professionals, and students.  The goal is to create a user-centric search, compare, define, and exchange resources to enhance students’ educational impact while creating robust industry-driven networks.  Keeley […]
In service of our campus community, who face the monumental task of transitioning to virtual academic environments, CMTC’s Design Innovation team has engaged in the effort to drive innovations in online learning.  Lead by Design Innovation (DI) Team member and College of Arts & Media student Chili Kellaway, the CMTC project team is working to […]
CU Denver | Anschutz’s Comcast Media & Technology Center’s project Five Points to Five Notes have been named as winners of the Presidential Initiative Grants for Urban and Place-Based Research.  A multi-year, $500,000 initiative meant to “strengthen research related to urban development at CU Denver | Anschutz through a transdisciplinary research initiative engaging all schools […]
In a partnership that will provide an in-depth cultural exchange between the U.S. and Singapore, multi-disciplinary teams of design educators from Singapore (SUTD-MIT International Design Centre) and the United States (CU Denver | Anschutz, Comcast Media & Technology Center) will work together to transform the learning experience in Design Innovation (DI) workshops.  Supported through a […]
The annual Make It Matter Award champions the development of innovative solutions that address the world’s most challenging problems. Awards totaling up to $5,000 will be distributed annually to the University of Colorado Denver (CU Denver) and Anschutz Medical Campus (CU Anschutz) students, postdoctoral fellows, or community members for the successful design and development of […]
EUReCA! Summer 2020 Research Fellows: Congratulations to Anthony and Postdoc Mentor Aria Collopy, for placing second in at the Virtual Summer 2020 Research Symposium in the Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences category.  What a wonderful recognition! Anthony Porcaro (left), College of Arts & Media, Mentor: Dr. Aria Collopy (right) – Designing Effective Communication of Design Principles, Practices, and […]
If you think you have a “lightning in a bottle idea” or the beginning of an idea that may have legs, prepare yourself or gather your team and get ready to apply. Submissions for the Fall Semester will be accepted 9/1/20 to 11/13/20. Have you ever wondered how you can turn your great idea into […]