Interior Design

CU Denver’s CMTC staff have taken on a new initiative to revitalize office suites, lounges, hallways, and other College of Engineering, Design and Computing (CEDC) owned areas in North Classroom and Lawrence Street Center. Made possible by support from the CEDC Dean’s Office and in collaboration with the departments of Civil Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Bioengineering, Mechanical Engineering, Computer Science and Information Technology, a dedicated working group will strive to design a stimulating visual aesthetic that will enhance the CEDC identity and learning environment for the CU Denver community. If you are interested in collaborating with us on a similar project, contact us today!

Click through the tabs below to learn about how we used our Design Innovation process in this project.

The CMTC team began this project with deep discovery. This included site analysis by exploring the spaces to be designed with stakeholders, listening to their language to identify key goals and themes. The team also used contextual needs analysis to identify core needs that transcend all locations, providing unifying objectives for the design, as well as needs that are specific to one or two locations.

To distill findings from discovery, the CMTC team used Personas to clarify the different needs of each stakeholder group. As part of Define we also identified overarching concept themes that suit each stakeholder group: Cutting Edge, emphasizing innovation and impact; and Who We Are, emphasizing collaboration, opportunity, diversity, and inclusion. These themes guide our design forward, and ultimately will include elements of each.

Two personas created by the team, of a faculty member on the left and an undergraduate undeclared major at right.

The CMTC team has used many techniques for ideation to build on the core themes identified for their designs. The team used design by analogy to draw inspiration from other spaces, collaborative sketching (or C-Sketch) to build on and augment each other’s ideas, and finally real-win-worth to select top concepts.

A C-Sketching panel done by the team, focusing on ideas to enhance wayfinding through spaces.

The team used digital tools including Miro whiteboards and Photoshop to create mockups of concepts directly in images of familiar spaces. This creates a sense of immersion to see what could be.