Interactive Display Screens

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Interactive display screens are an engaging alternative to static content. These screens are designed to showcase the benefits and opportunities of additive manufacturing, including applications such as aerospace, personal transportation, housing, and medical devices. The focal point of interaction is rotatable 3d objects that the team modeled, textured, and programmed for rotation, a process that required integrated expertise from 3d animators, software engineers, and digital designers. 

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We identified what interaction elements a touchscreen could afford, and researched methods for clear organization and delivery of  information about additive manufacturing previous space projects.

We determined that our primary goals were to ensure ease of interaction and create an engaging mode of interaction with additively manufactured parts to augment a physical parts display. Key requirements of our design included:

  • Ensure that the screens are structurally supported
  • The screens are easy to use for users 
  • Users are able to learn from the interactive screens

We developed multiple prototypes and tested user experience successes and areas of improvement through repeated user testing. We started off with a user journey map, to low-fidelity wireframes, to mid-fidelity prototyping. 

The final delivered system includes two interactive screens, their interface designed by our team in Unity, each showcasing different information to inform users about additive manufacturing and spacecraft history.

This project was one component of an additive manufacturing kiosk. For more on the overall project, see here: