Display Pedestals

Follow this link to experience the Additive Manufacturing Kiosk in a virtual environment: amkiosk.comcastmediatechcenter.org.

This series of four 3d-printed display pedestals is designed to showcase in tactile, tangible ways the array of applications for additive manufacturing: static, dynamic, recreational, and artistic objects. The pedestals themselves are designed to complement the type of objects placed on top.

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We discovered the need to display additively manufactured parts alongside the kiosk. Through multiple iterations, we designed display pedestals that complement the core kiosk structure to hold and display 3d models.

To complement the full kiosk, we defined four pedestals that each showcase a different kind of additively manufactured part:

  • Static objects, which are innovative through their shape design and construction,
  • Dynamic objects, which are compelling due to their motion
  • Recreational objects, which are engaging chess pieces to play with
  • Artistic objects, which invite interaction to see custom shadow art

The goal of the display object pedestals is to utilize additive manufacturing in order to create highly unique displays that are:

  • visually interesting,
  • making good use of additive manufacturing capabilities, and
  • tailored to the type of objects displayed on them.

The design of the pedestals and the objects on them evolved together through the develop phase.

Based on the initial concepts, a greater variety was explored by creating seven unique top and bottom pedestal halves. The concepts were evaluated using conjoint analysis, a survey technique used to rate different attributes of a product in context. The top concepts were evaluated on users’ perceived visual interest in the design, and their willingness to approach.

The final pedestals were sized according to manufacturing bed and material specifications.

This project was one component of an additive manufacturing kiosk. For more on the overall project, see here: