DI Workshops

To help promote creative problem solving and business development, we offer skills-based courses, workshops, and boot camps to help individuals, teams, and organizations to Discover, Define, Develop, and Deliver their Design Innovation  aspirations. We encourage organizations to send participants in groups to ensure entire teams acquire the same expertise  and share the same language in Design Innovation. These courses are designed specifically to help various roles in Design Innovation projects and would be highly relevant for leaders, managers and implementers of any DI projects. All workshops can be customized to address your specific needs and context. 

Explore below our three core workshop offerings and our many additional workshop offerings to see the breadth of offerings we can provide.

Contact us if you or your organization are interested in participating in a DI workshop to learn more and discuss how we can tailor any workshop to your individual goals.

Core Design Innovation (DI) Workshops

These three workshops are our core DI workshop offerings, that cater to those exploring design innovation (1-day awareness workshop), those currently leading or strategizing design innovation projects (2-day leadership workshop), and those looking for a thorough introduction to design innovation and tools to develop a culture of design innovation practice (3-day bootcamp workshop). Any workshop can be tailored to your and your organization’s goals. Contact us to learn more about any workshop! 

Design Innovation (DI) Awareness:

A 1-day workshop for participants who are keen to gain a quick overview of Design innovation and/or are starting out on the Design Innovation journey.

Design Innovation (DI) is a design process that is user-centric and begins with the execution of specific design methods. These methods guide activities that lead to desired outcomes. This workshop introduces how design thinking contributes to innovation and value creation, a set of design methods through hands-on activities, and how design innovation can be applied in practice.

Design Innovation (DI) Leadership:

A 2-day workshop for managers or leaders who are strategizing or leading Design Innovation projects.

This workshop provides leaders a   systematic approach and toolkits towards building an innovative culture that fits the organization’s purpose and goals. This workshop provides a transformational learning journey of advanced design and systems methods that will allow them to lead, build and instill a culture of design and innovation in their organization. By the end of the workshop, participants will be able to frame  Design Innovation (DI) problems or opportunities in products,  services and systems more effectively, chart DI direction, and strategize and lead in DI projects..

Design Innovation (DI) Bootcamp:

A 3-day workshop for managers, leaders, or doers tasked to explore, plan, and/or implement design innovation projects.

This workshop is designed for participants who will be implementing and managing Design Innovation projects: seeking to build interdisciplinary collaborations across their organizations to deliver innovative products, services, and systems. Participants will be equipped with an extensive arsenal of advanced design and systems methods that will enable them to build and instill a culture of design and innovation in their organization.

Other Design Innovation (DI) Workshop Offerings

In addition to our core workshops above, we also offer a variety of other workshops that range from half-day introductions to long-term support and guidance of your Design Innovation projects. These additional workshops are very customizable, and we look forward to tailoring the right workshop for your needs and goals! 

Awareness workshops: Short workshops for participants who are keen to gain a quick overview of Design innovation and/or are starting out on the Design Innovation journey.

Foundation workshops: 2-3 day workshops for managers, leaders, or doers who are strategizing, leading, and/or implementing Design Innovation projects.

Deepening workshops: Develop your understanding and practice of Design Innovation as an individual or team.

Support workshops: Longer term support and guidance of design innovation project work, customized to the needs of each project.

DI Awareness Workshops

Micro-DI Innovation Experience: You will gain awareness of design innovation through an introduction to the Design Innovation process and a hands-on experience in the application of some basic design methods. (half-day)

DI Foundation Workshops

Implementing Design Innovation: You will build a basic foundation in design innovation, with a hands-on experience in the application of many design methods. (3 days)

Leading Design Innovation: You will learn how to successfully lead design innovation in your organization. The focus is on innovation strategy and organizational change.
(2 days)

Systems Thinking and Systems Engineering: You will learn an adaptable process for system design that emphasizes systems thinking and systems engineering principles, methods, and mindsets. This workshop will provide hands-on experience applying and integrating systems thinking and systems engineering in practical settings. (1-3 days)

Deepening DI Workshops

Cultivating Design Innovation Mindsets: You will develop a design innovation mindset, greater self-awareness and personal mastery to become a successful design innovator. (2 days + 4 half day sessions over 4 weeks)

Being a High-Performing Design Team: Your design team will progress to a high-performing team within the context of organizational change by improving group dynamics.
(3 days) 

Implementing Specific Methods in Design Innovation: You will gain deep understanding of a specific design innovation method and its application. (half day to 2 days) 

DI Support Workshops

Mentoring and Coaching Design Innovation: You will receive support in applying the design innovation process and its methods in a specific project. (customized on a need basis, e.g., projects over a 2-3 month period)

Facilitating Design Innovation: You will gain practice in facilitating design innovation projects and workshops. (15 days over 12 weeks)

Business Model Innovation + Lean Startup + Agile DI: You will gain hands-on experience using design innovation to develop a business plan and learn tools to manage and scale design innovation projects. (1-3 days)