DI @ Denver

DI@Denver includes a suite of programs that helps organizations use design thinking and systems thinking as tools for strategic impact and organizational transformation. DI@Denver is distinctive through its DI-centric approach, including:

Co-creation Culture: interdisciplinary and technology-driven collaboration and innovation 

Cutting-Edge Research: recognized leadership in systems thinking and creation of advanced tools and techniques for visualization, optimization, and more 

Design Throughout: integration of business innovation and evidence-based design thinking, creativity, and 360° user experience 

International Collaboration Network: proven industry and academic network and ability to facilitate and lead strategic partnerships  

Why Now and in the Future?

Denver’s urban corridor is acutely aware of the long-term threats facing economic growth and societal well-being. It views the creation of technology and design innovations as critical to achieving viable and sustainable solutions to these challenges. 

CU Denver and its interdisciplinary Design Innovation @ Denver hub will support Denver’s and Colorado’s strategic vision by working with aspiring Entrepreneurs, MNC’s, Governmental bodies, and NGO’s to address the emerging challenges of today and turn them into the business and social opportunities and growth engines of tomorrow.  

Emerging and Future Challenges DI@Denver Impacts:

  • Environmental degradation 
  • Vulnerable public systems 
  • Aging populations 
  • Global resource competition 

DI@Denver Offerings 

Design Education Program: 
Interdisciplinary program for private and public sector professionals, focusing on fundamental design & innovation thinking abilities, skillsets, & mindsets

Innovation workshops: Create general awareness and understanding of innovation and design process and principles. See more about our DI Workshop offerings.

Design course modules: Provide targeted professional development in specific design disciplines and specializations, across design science and practice domains. Course modules are for individual students, student groups, and organizations, and can be flexibly combined into specialized certificates or masters degree programs. 

Designer/Innovator-in-Residence series and Design Luminary seminars: highlight established and up-and-coming design professionals from around the globe. 

Design Guidance Program: 
Targeted design mentoring & consultations providing professional design & innovation support to enterprises participating in DI @ Denver programs.

  • Disruptive innovation and design processes 
  • Design organization and process improvements 
  • Ideation and creativity techniques 
  • Project phase reviews 

Design Incubation Program:
Enterprise incubation and acceleration program for technology startups, leveraging  the resources and innovation expertise of CU Denver. 

Networking and collaboration opportunities: with CU Denver organizations (including the CTMC), partner organizations, and creative, technical, and research talent on campus. 

Tools and services: a future component of DI@Denver, designed to assist startups in transitioning from pre-fundraising to post-fundraising commercialization and accelerate successful market entry. 

Design Research:
Versatile, customized, and in-depth scientific studies in design innovation, technology challenges, and frontier methods and processes faced in practice or education

See more about our DI projects and research areas at the CMTC.