Design Innovation Methodology Handbook: Embedding Design In Organisations

This handbook represents a collaboration between CU Denver, the CMTC, and SUTD, and is co-branded appropriately. We use this DI Handbook in our collaboration projects with partners, DI courses for undergraduate and graduate students, and various co-curricular programs. We are proud to share the DI Handbook as an open-source publication. Congratulations to the authors and designers of the handbook, from both CU Denver and SUTD. They demonstrated their creativity and DI abilities throughout the development of the handbook, especially at the intersection of design thinking and systems thinking. We hope you will find great usefulness, utility, and impact as you use and engage the handbook.

We are planning to update the handbook on a regular basis, so please contact us if you’d like to collaborate on a new edition or just to let us know how you are using the handbook.

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