Custom Furniture: Exhibition Pod Design

The CMTC was asked to create a unique, multifunctional, sustainable “pod” that is easy to set up and light enough to easily transport. These diverse needs led us to employ novel furniture materials such as cardboard and Falconboard, and explore different approaches to modular and collapsible forms. As of early 2020, the pod concepts are being finalized and will be manufactured for events including over 50 displays. 

Learning more about who the end-users will be, the type of experience our pods should deliver, exploring prior work, and learning from previous iterations

Finalize requirements for the pod, centering on:

  • Making sure anyone can pick up, fold/unfold, and store the pods;
  • Using sustainable materials;
  • Ensuring support of up to 30lb loads;
  • Allowing seamless integration of digital displays
  • Integrate seamlessly with adjacent table

In our second round of ideating concepts, we started with a simple template and experimented with different patterns for the back of the pods.  

Eight prototypes were manufactured and used at a design expo in Fall 2019 as an initial test.