Community Gym

Our team worked to create an outdoor gym experience in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. This gym was to act as a supplement to many of the indoor experiences which were closed off to community members during the pandemic, while also acting as an accessible resource for those who did not always have access to gym equipment through other means.

Our initial understanding of the opportunity for a community gym came from extensive interviews with community members in Denver. We learned from these interviews that the COVID-19 pandemic made it difficult for community members to stay connected with each other, and they felt more comfortable in outdoor spaces.

Inicial Outdoor Gym Mock-up

During the Define phase, the CMTC team built on information gathered in the Discover phase to define key elements of the experience central to our design.   Beyond creating an indoor gym alternative, the CMTC team aimed to create a space focused on accessibility, versatility, and longevity.  We wanted to create a space where all community members, regardless of financial background or experience, could feel comfortable.  Secondly, we focused our designs not only on functionality but also on form as we wanted the gym to visually meld with the natural elements that surrounded it.  Lastly, we aimed to build the gym with materials and structures that would allow it to last for many years with little need for maintenance. 

Outdoor Gym Design Sketches

It was from these inspirations that the CMTC design team began iterating on various outdoor gym designs and functions through ideation methods such as brainstorming and c-sketching. From various designs created during the Define phase, the team began putting together 3D models and storyboards to simulate the new park-going experiences. From these low-fidelity prototypes, the team was able to hone in on which of the experiences would be the most accessible. After narrowing down on 2-3 designs, our team began putting together a pitch to present to the Westminster community.

Roofing 3d Mock-up
Equipment Mock-up

To present the team’s concept for a gym, we created a number of different prototypes including refined 2d and 3d digital mockups evolving the concepts selected in the Develop phase. These prototypes allow for a visual pitch to communicate the gym and its possible contexts, which we envision as libraries, schools, or public parks. 

Community Gym 3d Rendering 01
Community Gym 3d Rendering 02