CMTC Gifts

The CMTC design team members designed a series of small gifts to send out to our partners.  These gifts include small examples of additive manufacturing and represent the skills and projects the CMTC is able to undertake thanks to the contributions of our stakeholders, collaborators, and partners, as well as University staff.   

The CMTC design team wanted to find a way to show our appreciation for all of the support and collaboration.  With this in mind, a small team of designers was formed to ideate, create, and gather gift sets that would be sent out to CMTC stakeholders.  We wanted these gifts to not only showcase the benefits of additive manufacturing but also remind recipients of the CMTC and its various projects.

Gift Team Pre-production objectives map

When reviewing the types of gifts our team would want to send out, we have three primary objectives.  The gifts need to involve 3D printing, reference the CMTC or CMTC projects, and lastly, we wanted the gift to inspire innovative thinking.  Additionally, we want to provide a wide variety of printing costs: a smaller gift which we could print a multitude of, and a large gift which we would only print a few of. Additionally, for a full gift box, a criterion is to work with sustainable materials and manufacturers to lessen our environmental impact.

Outdoor Gym Design Sketches

After brainstorming and iterating on potential gift ideas, our team settled on three gifts types:  A 3D printed coaster/coaster set, phone stand, and self-watering planter, each engraved with CMTC logos and designs.  Once the designs were chosen, our team began printing out prototypes and iterations of the scale, design, and color of the prints.  

3D printed coaster example
Phone Stand Example
Self Watering Planter Starting Point
Self Watering Planter with Custom Designs

After the final prints were finalized, our team paired the gifts with cards, snacks, and additional gift bag items to include in the final baskets to be sent out.

CMCT Phone Stand
CMCT Self Watering Planter Model View 1
CMCT Self Watering Planter Model View 2