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L&L Series: CAM Alumni Entrepreneurs

Lunch & Learn Lunch Series Spring 2019:
Thomas Evans (VA): Connecting Music and Art through Technology

Returning speaker, Thomas Evans (Instagram: @detour303), comes to speak about his unique approach to breaking down barriers to bridge the gap between viewer and artistic message. His art focuses on sight, sound, and issues surrounding urban culture.


Growing up a Military brat, I was fascinated with the feeling of exploring and learning about new communities and cultures within the fabric of society. With a backdrop of an ever-changing environment, I spent my youth asking questions about the boundaries, traditions, and status quo that boxes­ in creativity. I would always ask myself what boundaries can I break and how can I break them. This perspective of viewing the world led me to a journey of exploring a multitude of communities and how I could borrow different elements to create a new paradigm.

My current art focus is all about connecting music and fine arts through traditional methods and technology.  Accenting my focus, the sights, sounds, and issues surrounding urban culture shapes the way I approach the creation of concepts, use of tools, and overall execution of my work.

The tools I use to develop my work are not limited to any one medium.  My goal is to capture every sense of my audience, thus breaking down barriers and making it easier to be engulfed in the canvas. I see these senses as building block for bridges between the viewer and the messages I’m communicating. The more blocks I use, the better the viewer will receive the message.

**Located in the City Center (Bottom floor of the CU Building)

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