Brian DeLevie

Founding CMTC Co-Director
College of Arts & Media

Associate Professor, Digital Design

Brian DeLevie is a digital artist, designer, author, Associate Professor of Digital Design and Former Chair of the Department of Visual Arts at the University of Colorado Denver. He also serves as the Director of the Center for the Arts as Systemic Change, whose purpose is to leverage the creative capacities of the arts, cross-disciplinary research and education to advance profound, awareness based, systemic change in Education, Healthcare and Poverty.

His body of artistic works variously investigates themes of technology, memory, history and Holocaust issues. He has presented and published papers investigating the confluence of design, society, culture and education at numerous international conferences and in related journals throughout Europe, Asia and North America. In 2004, he received a Fulbright Fellowship to study the influences of Film, Television and the Internet on German culture.