Benefits To Our Partners

A project fee is flexible based on needs, and is often an efficient expenditure, as opposed to internally developing ideas and prototypes or business to business consulting. CU Denver’s CMTC can support your organization in a number of ways:

Ideation: Benefit from a wide variety of new ideas and approaches undertaken by student teams to address the sponsor’s problem.

Insight: Gain new awareness into what a variety of their stakeholder’s desires in the product, process, or service.

Recruitment: Close interaction with student teams provides sponsors with a unique opportunity for recruiting talented and ambitious new graduates.

Collaboration: Integrated interdisciplinary teams comprised of faculty members, industry sponsors, and students focus on the successful completion of the project.

Development: Corporate partners have the opportunity to take advantage of the Center’s Prototyping capabilities and digital/content designers.

Analysis & Design: Utilize the Center’s staff Data analysis, science, visualization skills, enhancing your companies most important studies and reports for better communication with critical constituents or stakeholders.

Showcase: The CMTC provides a forum for partners to increase awareness in the local community as well as other companies at a public design exposition each spring (unless otherwise restricted by the sponsor for intellectual property reasons).

Benefits to Students:

“[working on projects at the CMTC has been]…helped me see how to think outside the box a bit more and not focus so much on engineering constraints that I’ve gotten used to.”

“[working on projects at the CMTC has been]…very enlightening in the sense that I got reminded of all the applications of kinetic architecture that’s in the world right now.”

“I enjoyed learning the “design innovation” steps and seeing how to design with people from different specialties. I feel that I absorbed a lot of knowledge about design innovation, and I enjoyed working with the new thought process of everything we create, we create as a team.”

“I feel like this is something that my skills are directed toward and could end up being a fruitful experience for the [users].”

“I learned a lot from the projects we have been working on, especially finding attributes/characteristics of stakeholders and designing with that in mind. Definitely, something I want to use in my works.”

My experience being a part of the CMTC has been really great! It pushed me to learn a lot by applying different things I have learned from class and outside of class. Especially with generative design.

“…this is probably the most real-world experience I can ever get right now working in the industry/work life.”