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DESIGN INNOVATION (DI) PROJECTS CU Denver Comcast Media and Technology Center’s (CMTC) project Five Points to Five Notes, a community co-creation initiative created to honor the rich cultural heritage in some of the most vibrant and artistically significant neighborhoods in Denver: River North (RiNo) Art District, Five Points, Cole, Elyria-Swansea, and Globeville, made wonderful progress […]
Senior associate dean Kristin Wood and a team of researchers have received one of two 2020 Journal of Mechanical Design Editors’ Choice Award for their paper “Machine Learning-Based Design Concept Evaluation.”   The Journal of Mechanical Design is considered the top mechanical design journal in the world. The announcement of this prestigious award follows the publication of The Design Innovation (DI) Methodology […]
The DI Methodology Handbook represents a collaboration between CU Denver Anschutz, the CMTC, and SUTD, and is co-branded appropriately.  At the CMTC, we use this DI Handbook in our collaboration projects with partners, DI courses for undergraduate and graduate students, and various co-curricular programs.  We are proud to share the DI Handbook as an open-source […]
CU Denver Anschutz’s Comcast Media and Technology Center (CMTC), the System Engineering Education Ecosystem (SEEE) team, and International Council on Systems Engineering (INCOSE) have collaborated on a forward-thinking initiative that has the potential to benefit the entire Systems Engineering (SE) community. The SEEE Portal is intended as a unique online networking and feedback platform that enhances transparency […]
The Lewis Family Awards exist to honor the memory of brother and sister, Drew and Nancy, by encouraging others to be “who they are, enjoy everything they do, and make a difference within their community”.  The Lewis family legacy to make others’ lives easier through volunteerism and philanthropy lives on through this wonderful opportunity in […]
CU Denver | Anschutz’s CMTC staff have taken on a new initiative to revitalize office suites, lounges, hallways, and other College of Engineering, Design and Computing (CEDC) owned areas in North Classroom and Lawrence Street Center.  Made possible by support from the Dean’s Office and in collaboration with the departments of Civil Engineering, Electrical Engineering, […]
A trio of CU Denver | Anschutz’s CMTC Design Innovation (DI) Team members are participating in this year’s EUReCA! research program, progress in their work. With the fantastic support of Professor Kris Wood and Faculty Mentor Aria Collopy, these innovators are engaged in valuable research aimed at making an impact in their field of study.  […]
Domain of Discourse. Talking takes guts! A virtual game that encourages users to discuss contentious topics while facilitating a sense of security necessary to promote healthy communication and education. The central inquiry: How might we create a fun game that encourages an individual to empathetically communicate with others who have different beliefs and develop new […]
CU Denver | Anschutz’s Comcast Media and Technology Center (CMTC) is overjoyed to announce a generous contribution from the Bonfils Stanton Foundation (BSF) to support their work on the Five Points to Five Notes project.  BSF is renowned for its support of cultural organizations and continual investments that enhance the values, spirit, and diversity of […]
Communities across Denver, Colorado, and beyond have been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.  While it may take years to understand its impacts fully, it is clear the crisis has compounded existing stress for socioeconomically disadvantaged populations and areas where language barriers exist.  With-in these communities, the effects of long-term stress have been shown to have […]