Augmented Reality App

Follow this link to experience the Additive Manufacturing Kiosk in a virtual environment:

This app is designed to give the user the experience of a journey to Mars: the augmented reality experience transforms an image of Mars to a view out of a future colony window on the surface of Mars. Part of the experience includes a custom audio track designed to enhance the immersive experience of exploring an unknown space frontier!    

For the best experience, download our companion app on the iOS App Store and Google Play stores:



To allow users to experience the narrative of additive manufacturing enabling a better future for all, we investigated the use of augmented reality (AR) to expand on the physical kiosk experience.

We defined what aspects of an app need to be created to make it fun, engaging, and efficient for the user to learn about space exploration and the role of additive manufacturing in space travel. Key goals we defined for the experience include: 

  • Highly interactive and useable application that works on as many devices as possible
  • Engaging augmented reality experiences that work in conjunction with elements of the physical kiosk and a set of take-home cards
  • Information that helps new and experienced users learn about space exploration

Several prototypes were created to refine the user experience, focusing especially on the interface design, interactive elements of the app, and the augmented reality scenes. We used multiple software tools like Unity and Adobe Illustrator to create and test our prototypes and ensure the augmented reality works as expected.

The final application is live on the iOS App Store and Google Play Store. You can download your own copy here:



The augmented reality can be experienced as part of the kiosk experience by visiting a virtual kiosk environment at! Be sure to check out the banner behind the kiosk, and the two printable take-home cards.

AR Card 1: Additive Manufacturing

AR Card 2: Space Travel

This project was one component of an additive manufacturing kiosk. For more on the overall project, see here: