Additive Manufacturing Kiosk

Follow this link to experience the Additive Manufacturing Kiosk in a virtual environment:

The kiosk our team designed is a multisensory experience to learn more about additive manufacturing and how its application is enabling a better future. This virtual and physical kiosk includes additively manufactured screen mounts that demonstrate topology optimization; interactive touch screens; a series of display objects on that provide a tactile and fun experience; augmented reality experience through a custom app that brings the user to the surface of Mars, and a set of souvenir cards with a space-themed augmented reality hologram.  

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This project began with an in-depth exploration of what makes an engaging experience learning about and experiencing the capabilities of additive manufacturing. We conducted research on different methods for additive manufacturing and got inspiration from different kinds of kiosks around the world.

The design of the CMTC’s additive manufacturing kiosk is based on the narrative that the user can experience:

  • the wonders of additive manufacturing,
  • spacecraft manufacturing applications (including Orion),
  • through a journey in space, ​
  • and eventual arrival and colonization on Mars.

The main goals of this project were refined to include:

  • Design an additively manufactured kiosk structure that supports itself and can showcase engaging topology optimization patterns
  • Create a multisensory experience to draw in kiosk users via touch, sound, and visual displays, each offering a different educational benefit
  • Design a complementary augmented reality experience with a take-home component

Created several series of innovative prototypes using sketches, storyboards, 3D renders, full-scale and scaled prototypes, and multiple iterations of hardware and software configurations.

The CMTC’s kiosk is comprised of the following modules:

  • Augmented Reality experience, which includes an App, AR scene activated by a wall banner image, and take away cards with small holograms that emphasize the kiosk narrative.
  • Interactive touchscreens, which showcase historic and future spacecraft as applications of additive manufacturing, as well as examples drawn from medical, transportation, and housing industries.
  • Topology optimized panel structure, shape inspired by spacecraft landers and designed to support the interactive touchscreens.
  • Display objects and custom pedestals that invite tactile interaction with additive manufacturing applications: static objects, dynamic objects, chess pieces, and artistic creations.
  • Documentary that logs highlights from our design process.
  • Virtual Kiosk Experience Prototype that transforms this kiosk experience into a flexible, virtual experience that can be engaged from anywhere.

The final kiosk can be experienced in a virtual environment at! For the best experience, download our companion app on the iOS App Store and Google Play stores:



See more information on specific kiosk modules here: