CMTC Faculty and Staff Collaborate on Exciting Design Innovation Projects and Scholarly Work


CU Denver Comcast Media and Technology Center’s (CMTC) project Five Points to Five Notes, a community co-creation initiative created to honor the rich cultural heritage in some of the most vibrant and artistically significant neighborhoods in Denver: River North (RiNo) Art District, Five Points, Cole, Elyria-Swansea, and Globeville, made wonderful progress over the summer.  CU Denver CMTC’s team of hardworking students, led by Chilli Kellaway and Ryan Breuer (class of 2021, 3D Graphics and Animation) and supported by Ryan Buxton (College Engineering, Design and Computing) were able to make vital steps towards creating an application that will foster transformative engagement and place keeping.  With this foundational step completed, we hope to reach our goal of identifying support to create a platform that seeks to lift the voices of local businesses, artists, and other members of the Five Points community.

CU Denver CMTC Postdoc, Dr. Aria Collopy is working to guide CU Denver students work in our Systems Engineering Education Ecosystem (SEEE) project.  SEEE exists to create a collaborative ecosystem in which systems engineering educators can interact with industrial partners and students to define, design, and exchange curricular and pedagogical resources to enhance educational impact.We are thrilled to announce that support for Phase 2 of this project has been confirmed.  The Design Innovation (DI) project team includes College of Arts & Media students Stephanie Chesler, Gennaro Wood, and CEDC students Micah Stovall and Ryan Buxton.

The End Homelessness project is a partnership with The Common Sense Institute to first chart the economic footprint of the Metro Denver Homelessness ecosystem and then to conduct qualitative research with stakeholders and build a systems map to identify leverage points and issues within the system. This was conducted over a 3-month period with the CMTC and Inworks staff and involved working with City, County, and state government organizations, providers for the many types of needs, and people formerly and currently experiencing homelessness. The work this summer culminated in a systems map of the Metro Denver Homelessness Ecosystem and a report that adds context and recommendations for improved outcomes. It will be released at a Press conference on October the 25th.  Kudos to CMTC faculty Dr. Aria Collopy and DI Team Member Stephanie Chesler, along with many others, for all of their amazing work on this project.  You can read more about the project here (link).

CMTC awarded a service contract to begin work on the 2022 RMMCA Economic Impact Report. For the second time, the Design Innovation Team has won the opportunity to work with the CEDC’s college of Construction Engineering and Management at CU Denver to prepare and design an impact report for a segment of the construction industry in Colorado.  Made possible by our partners at the Rocky Mountain Mechanical Contractors Association (RMMCA), this project will allow Design Innovation (DI) team members to work with stakeholders in downtown Denver and apply our Design Innovation (DI) skills to data visualization and presentation.



Research at the CMTC is continuing in the fall of 2021. Recent CU Denver graduate and CMTC senior DI team member and project coordinator Ryan Breuer (class of 2021, 3D Graphics and Animation) are continuing his research into communication strategies practiced in the interdisciplinary industry environment of 3D animation studios. His work this fall is using qualitative analysis techniques to identify elements of effective communication. He is working with faculty mentor Dr. Aria Collopy on a journal submission this fall with the results of the analysis.


Design Innovation (DI) Workshops

To help promote creative problem solving and business development, CU Denver CMTC offers skills-based courses, workshops, and boot camps to help individuals, teams, and organizations to Discover, Define, Develop, and Deliver their Design Innovation aspirations. These courses are designed specifically to help various roles in Design Innovation projects and would be highly relevant for leaders, managers, and implementers of any DI projects.  We are excited about developing new workshops that will take place this winter.

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