CU Denver | Anschutz’s Comcast Media & Technology Center (CMTC), the System Engineering Education Ecosystem (SEEE) team, and INCOSE

CU Denver Anschutz’s Comcast Media and Technology Center (CMTC), the System Engineering Education Ecosystem (SEEE) team, and International Council on Systems Engineering (INCOSE) have collaborated on a forward-thinking initiative that has the potential to benefit the entire Systems Engineering (SE) community. The SEEE Portal is intended as a unique online networking and feedback platform that enhances transparency and consistency of systems engineering and systems engineering competencies, benefitting students, educators, and industry. Members of the CMTC’s Design Innovation (DI) team have gained valuable experience working alongside systems engineering professionals to realize the Portal, while bringing their design expertise to bear as the implementation partner for the SEEE Portal. 

The vision of the Systems Engineering Education Ecosystem (SEEE) Portal is a collaborative ecosystem in which systems engineering educators can interact with SE employers, practitioners, and students to define, create and exchange curricular and pedagogical resources to enhance educational impact. Through co-creation with the SEEE team, CMTC staff have designed, developed, and implemented concepts for a searchable online database and visualization portal. Utilizing their expertise in the CMTC’s foundational concept, Design Innovation, the project team’s work produced a user-centric interface where valuable consolidated information about employer needs, academic program offerings, and student/practitioner skillsets can easily be entered, visualized, and shared. The interactions that result from the use of this tool work to enhance systems engineering education and practice for all users of the platform.

DI Team members co-hosted a session at the 2021 INCOSE International Workshop along with CMTC’s Dr. Aria Collopy, Professor Jon Wade (UC San Diego), Professor Cihan Dagli (Missouri S&T). In this workshop, over 40 participants interacted and provided feedback on the prototype SEEE website portal developed by the CMTC team. You can learn more about this project and our team’s process here:

CMTC’s DI team played a critical role in this project and was grateful for the opportunity to work with SE industry professionals and integrate art, technology, media, computing, and design, as well as interdisciplinary cross-college and industry connections, into our work. The meaningful partnership between the SEEE team, INCOSE, and CU Denver Anschutz’s CMTC is foundational to our common mission to advance education, research, and industry partnerships in Denver, Colorado, and beyond.

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