CU Denver | Anschutz’s CMTC Staff Working with the College of Engineering, Design and Computing on Interior Design

CU Denver | Anschutz’s CMTC staff have taken on a new initiative to revitalize office suites, lounges, hallways, and other College of Engineering, Design and Computing (CEDC) owned areas in North Classroom and Lawrence Street Center.  Made possible by support from the Dean’s Office and in collaboration with the departments of Civil Engineering, Electrical Engineering, BioEngineering, Mechanical Engineering, Computer Science and Information Technology, a dedicated working group will strive to design a stimulating visual aesthetic that will enhance the learning environment for the CU Denver | Anschutz community. 

Members of the CMTC’s Design Innovation (DI) Team, a group comprised of CU Denver | Anschutz students from several disciplines, will lead this project as individuals who are the primary uses of the areas selected for renovation.  College of Architecture Master’s degree student and Project Leader Saeed Amirchaghmaghi will guide the project team’s focus on creating a design that fosters a welcoming environment and captures the spirit of our learning community.  Project teammates and CEDC students Afu Vue, Keith Contois, are joined by College of Arts & Media’s Stephanie Chesler, who will use research-based techniques from Design Innovation methodology combined with the latest design principles.  Together they will deploy a process where a diverse set of user input is collected and intentionally integrated into the deliverables. 

Faculty, staff, and students at the CEDC and the CMTC are looking forward to this excellent opportunity to showcase the inspiring results produced when Design Innovation (DI) methods are applied to the integration of arts, technology, media, computing, and design. The results will stand as an example of the outstanding outcomes when CU Denver | Anschutz students apply what they are learning to real-world projects.  Are you interested in working with us on a similar project?  Contact us today.

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