Day: February 24, 2021

Communities across Denver, Colorado, and beyond have been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.  While it may take years to understand its impacts fully, it is clear the crisis has compounded existing stress for socioeconomically disadvantaged populations and areas where language barriers exist.  With-in these communities, the effects of long-term stress have been shown to have […]
A virtual game that encourages users to discuss contentious topics while facilitating a sense of security necessary to promote healthy communication and education. The central inquiry: How might we create a fun game that encourages an individual to empathetically communicate with others who have different beliefs and develop new perspectives on divisive topics while fostering […]
A trio of CU Denver’s CMTC Design Innovation (DI) Team members are participating in this year’s EUReCA! research program, progress in their work. With the fantastic support of Professor Kris Wood and Faculty Mentor Aria Collopy, these innovators are engaged in valuable research aimed at making an impact in their field of study.  Here is […]