Cross-cultural Collaboration Brings Together Innovators from CU Denver | Anschutz and SUTD-MIT International Design Centre

In a partnership that will provide an in-depth cultural exchange between the U.S. and Singapore, multi-disciplinary teams of design educators from Singapore (SUTD-MIT International Design Centre) and the United States (CU Denver | Anschutz, Comcast Media & Technology Center) will work together to transform the learning experience in Design Innovation (DI) workshops. 

Supported through a grant from U.S. Embassy in Singapore, faculty, student, and teams between SUTD and CU Denver I Anshutz will co-create custom modules, activates, and materials for online DI workshops.  A range of hands-on, interactive activities will be distributed to hundreds of participants for all types of industries and professions. Those participants trained in DI using the US-Singapore collaboration will bring innovation, entrepreneurship, and intrapreneurship to many organizations in new and exciting ways.  Expected results for small to mid-sized businesses include enhanced business offerings, novel DI-informed projects, and possibly even a new start-up or two.

We are proud to have U.S. Embassy Singapore as a supporter of this innovative cross-cultural program, enabling Singaporeans and Americans to learn more about other societies, co-create, and transform how we learn and teach design innovation together. Teams from both SUTD and CMTC have already begun to co-create and innovate together, and everyone involved is looking forward to continuing their work in 2021.

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