Congratulations to the Make It Matter Award Winners for fall 2020

The annual Make It Matter Award champions the development of innovative solutions that address the world’s most challenging problems. Awards totaling up to $5,000 will be distributed annually to the University of Colorado Denver (CU Denver) and Anschutz Medical Campus (CU Anschutz) students, postdoctoral fellows, or community members for the successful design and development of working product prototypes that have high potential to move toward commercialization.

The Lewis Family Awards exist to honor the memory of brother and sister, Drew and Nancy, by encouraging others to be who they are, enjoy everything they do, and make a difference within their community. The Lewis family legacy to make others’ lives easier through volunteerism and philanthropy lives on through the Lewis Family Awards. The awards committee and the Lewis Family have identified the following winners for the fall 2020 semester:

Make It Matter Award 1st Place Winner: Make4Covid

Make4Covid, Andrew Henderson, Lauren Hebert, Dan Griner, Kelsie Faulds, and Kate Goodman. A social innovation, a crowd-sourced organization to design, develop, and deliver Personal Protection Equipment to Colorado during the pandemic.

Milestone Award 1st Place Winner: Domain of Discourse

Domain of Discourse, Ishea Lee and Keeley Elliott. A virtual game where participants use healthy communication to discuss contentious topics. Support team: Keith Contois, Afu Vue, Davis-Jay Harris, Gus Williams, Tammy Dinh, and Ayesha Akhtar.

Milestone Award 2nd Place Winner: Active Portals

Active Portals, Michael Sperandeo, and Ryan Buxton. A virtual distribution portal for individuals to connect with each other and access digital content.

Milestone Award 3rd Place Winner: Community Gym

Community Gym, Afu Vue. Building community resilience after COVID-19 using Design Innovation principles. Support team: Keeley Elliott, Chilli Kellaway.

Each winner will be featured in CU Denver campus publications and will receive a significant cash award. Faculty and staff at CU Denver | Anschutz Inworks, the Comcast Media & Technology Center (CMTC), worked to promote the Lewis Awards and encourage participation. Preparations are already underway to offer CU Denver | Anschutz students this fantastic opportunity in the spring semester. Submissions are in progress through programs such as the College of Engineering, Design and Computing Capstone Design course, Design Horizons Labs Entrepreneurial Fellows Program, Comcast Media and Technology Center design innovation projects, and more. Keep up to date on how to participate by visiting the Lewis Family Award webpage.

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