A Catalyst to Inspire Transdisciplinary Innovation, Creativity and Research

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CU Denver’s CMTC is a place where people come to activate meaningful scholarly pursuits, train and develop, realize creative visions, all with the intent of making a positive difference in the world today. This state-of-the-art facility is a uniquely adaptable research and learning environment for the artist, designer, engineer, and entrepreneur in each of us. The Center becomes our entry point in visualizing, incubating, and inspiring how we will live, work, play, and communicate in the century to come with our signature programs.

CMTC is actively seeking research and education partners both within and outside the traditional university structure. If you have a potential project or would like to participate, please contact us at cmtc@ucdenver.edu.

Who Are We?

Established to be the premier scholarly hub for Design Innovation (DI) thinking, research, and practice, CU Denver’s Comcast Media and Technology Center (CMTC) uses an interdisciplinary methodology combined with academic theories for application in a practical setting.  Fully embracing our expertise in cutting edge DI research and leveraging our unparalleled access to the exceptional colleges at the University of Colorado Denver, we aim to embody the spirit of  collaboration by connecting across fields of study, disciplines, industry, and government. When this unique approach is applied to critical communal challenges, it results in the production of awe-inspiring solutions in engineering, art, design, and entrepreneurship. Meet our team here.

Our Purpose

Created from a generous gift from Comcast, supported by collaboration of the College of Arts and Media, College of Engineering, Computing, and Design, the CMTC is powered by a diverse pipeline of talented students who work with our world-class faculty and apply Design Innovation (DI) methods to an essential problem or project for your organization’s benefit.  We work to identify productive partnerships to address needs that serve our collective good while cultivating the student talent found in Denver and the greater Colorado region, all to fill the most critical gaps in research, education, training, and development. 

Our purpose is to find inventive solutions that energize, strengthen, and advance knowledge in:

Healthcare Communities

Urbanism & Sustainability

Social Innovation

Entrepreneurship in the Creative industries

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Collaborate With Us

On CU Denver’s bustling downtown campus, the CMTC resides in the lower level of the Tivoli Annex in a modernly designed, technologically advanced, multi-level laboratory suite.  As an experiential learning focused innovation studio, the CMTC space is designed to enable continuous evolution and modular repurposing for different team activities. Wheeled furniture, sliding room dividers, and whiteboard paint make the CMTC a genuinely versatile space: a workspace for 3D printing and laser cutting; open space for prototyping or demonstrating concepts; formal conference room space; individual digital workstations, and more. The design of this space is an ongoing project, with the end goal to empower teams to tailor the area to their purposes. 

Let’s Collaborate

CMTC seeks research and education partners within and outside of the traditional university structure. Contact us to learn more about supporting capstone projects, co-designing with us, or participating in our programs.

Design Innovation

Our differential Design Innovation approach guides our projects, programs, and research. We offer workshops and bootcamps for organizations and the community!

Explore Our Research Projects

Our research bridges arts, engineering, computing, and design to address our grand challenge themes and create impact. Contact us to partner on interdisciplinary projects!

Student Research Awards!

Design Innovation Team Members and College of Arts & Media graduates in the class of 2021 Ryan Breuer and Anthony Porcaro received 2nd Place Awards for their presentations at CU Denver’s virtual symposia in the 2020-2021 school year. Both their projects were funded through EUReCA! programs on campus. Learn more about their research here.